Did you know that many veterans return to their hometown, only to find themselves without shelter or money? Would you like to do something to show your support for our veterans? If you found yourself agreeing with these questions, then we encourage you to get to know us at My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center. We work hard to raise money for veterans who are either down on their luck or homeless. We have served homeless veterans in Palmetto, FL and many of the close cities like Sarasota, Osprey, and Bradenton. With the donations we gather, we are able to help provide shelter, feed our vets, and even set up suicide prevention programs.

Mental disorders are common with veterans. Many of them are not getting the mental health support they need. Suicide is a leading cause of death for many veterans. At My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center, we recognize this is a big problem. That’s why we are dedicated to helping with suicide prevention. We work alongside law enforcement and other organizations to help out high-risk veterans. Their lives are worth saving.

Here at My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center, we also help with other basic needs. We provide veterans transport to those who are disabled and need to get to their medical appointments. This is possible due to the donations we receive. Our veterans transport services can also be used to help veterans get to and from job interviews. We do whatever it takes to help these individuals get a fresh start on life.

If you want to make a difference and live in Palmetto, FL or a nearby town, we hope you’ll meet with our crew at My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center. All it takes is a little compassion to help out those who are in less fortunate situations.

Suicide Prevention