Have you heard about veterans who come back from their deployment, only to find themselves without work or even a home? Are you looking for the best way to help at-risk veterans have another chance at life? If these questions tugged at your heart, then it’s time to step up and do something to help. At My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center, we collect a wide assortment of donations for vets, both monetary and other. We operate near Nokomis, FL, but we are proud to also provide support to the homeless in Palmetto, Osprey, and even Sarasota. It’s our goal to transform as many lives as we can on a daily basis.

There is an epidemic of at-risk veterans in the area. Many vets come back to the area and are unable to find work. Others have lifelong health problems that cost too much money to treat. They may have a difficult time maintaining a job. Still, some end up on the streets without shelter. At My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center, we want to help them all. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to raising money for local veterans. Whether we use the money to deliver hot meals or get them into work training programs, we know our efforts will help out many of these forgotten vets. No one should ever forget about those who fought long and hard to protect our nation.

At My Veterans Keepers Compassionate Care Center, we are ready to accept all donations for vets. When you donate to us, you can feel confident your money will be spent wisely. If you are close to Nokomis, FL or another local vicinity, we hope you’ll come meet with us to learn how you can get involved with helping others. Your time and money will make sure someone else doesn’t have to go without.

At-Risk Veterans